Rick Soto was born in Fresno, California to Manuel and Angie Soto. At the ripe age of 5, he was in the fields helping his father and mother harvest Thompson seedless grapes for raisins. He wasn’t much help. However, Rick has not stopped working since.

Naturally curious and armed with a questioning brain, Soto had an affinity to draw. He drew on scraps of paper, cardboard, metal, walls and even his shoes. Throughout his education, he received praise for his drawing skills. Soto is a graduate of Fresno State University. While at FSU, he was introduced to Dali’s Surrealism, Marcel Duchamp’s Dada Art and their alternative philosophical approach to art. His printmaking, photography and painting has been shown in museums and galleries nationwide.

As an Advertising Creative Director and Graphic Designer, his firm won well over 100 creative industry awards. Today, Rick continues his creative work for non-profits that pique his interest.
It’s time for me to give back,” commented Rick.

In 1989, Rick began training in martial arts. “It was much cheaper than golf or therapy,” says Rick. For a number of years, he has been cornering and coaching Mixed Martial Arts fighters – much to the disappointment of his wife who shuns all combat sports. Rick believes that “Combat sports involve combining the movements of a modern dancer, balance of a gymnast and the creativity of an artist.”

Today Rick lives and works with his wife, Carolyn, in Los Altos, CA.

Galleries & Museums represented & shown:
California Governor’s Office
CSU, Fresno
Fresno Art Center
Chicano Art Gallery
Crocker Gallery
Cherry Center for the Arts
Horton Museum
M Street Gallery
Los Altos Museum
Fresno City College
Gallery 1650
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Turner Print Museum
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